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Despite sugar cane growing throughout the country, Ghanaian cuisine does not have a history of sweets. With the exception of a type of fried doughnut known as 'bofram', there is little to speak of in terms of local desserts and most people buy imported boxes of biscuits. While there is a history of baked goods in surrounding French colonized countries, both high quality breads, cakes are very uncommon in Northern Ghana. Create Change is starting a bakery in Ghana that focuses on desserts for special occasions, after school treats, and high quality crusty bread. Our strategy is based on introducing sweets to the local market at an incredibly affordable price, and then to slowly increase that price in our second year of operation as we have gained loyal customers who now include desserts in their weekly shopping and special occasions.

Just like every other population, Ghanaians love sweets. With a history of living off the land as subsistence farmers, desserts other than local fruits are not commonly seen. With a growing middle class population buying imported sweets from Europe and the Middle East, there is an opportunity to start a bakery that offers high quality desserts at a competitive price.



In May of 2017, Create Change was able to rent a 4 bedroom house to convert into both its bakery training school and a public space for bakery sales to the public.  With extreme limitations of both skill set of trades people and a lack of access to materials, the furniture for the bakery was carefully designed by Project Manager Jesse Cathcart, who is currently enrolled as a Masters student at Emily Carr's design program.  See below the results of our public bakery space and training school.



Cakes have historically been important all over the world used as a means to celebrate important events. In Northern Ghana, as a population that lived off the land in a challenging climate, dessert was not traditionally part of mealtime or celebrations. With a growing desire to imitate traditions from the West, we are introducing the tradition of cake as an important way of celebrating just as in many corners all over the world.


With over 37% of the population being under the age of 15, children and families are an incredibly important target market. We are focusing our marketing of cookies and cupcakes to middle class families who can afford baked goods as part of their weekly grocery shopping. We are offering promotions on cookies and cupcakes on Sundays as many families go out for excursions after church, and could make a visit to our bakery part of their weekly routine.


Already staples in the market in Northern Ghana, meat pies and other puff pastries are a common snack consumed in Ghana, although finding a fresh and flakey version can prove difficult.   In order to introduce some of the new sweets to Ghana's north, we are attracting our initial market using products that are staple in the market, and then promote some of our new desserts that they will surely love and purchase in the future.



The design company launched its training school in September, 2017 with 12 bakery trainees.  Bakery products will be available for the Tamale market as soon as the social enterprise opens to the public in early 2018.  



Eunice and mariam at work.jpg


The bakery will offer a two year training program for girls who are interested in pursuing a career in food services. Girls will not only get training in baking, but also in business management.


In addition to training girls, the bakery is expected to be profitable by its second year of operation.  It will eventually provide the opportunity for marginalized girls to continue their education every single year.  


The bakery will provide an opportunity to introduce Create Change to the public in Northern Ghana, both the important work it does in the community, as well as to market social enterprise as an effective strategy for social change.



Do you have experience in baking or as a pastry chef and want empower girls in Ghana to become baking experts and experienced entrepreneurs?  Than consider volunteering with us, either with our team in Vancouver, Canada, or with our operation in Northern Ghana.