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While Tamale continues to grow and expand, the food service industry has not changed in Northern Ghana. Although a few restaurants have been opened in the past few years, they are expensive for the local population and most have menus that cater to Westerners' taste instead of to the local population. With only a few restaurants in town that serve local dishes, there is an incredible opportunity to introduce a modern approach to traditional Ghanaian cuisine.

Create Change  a café converted from a shipping container, using a simple design that can easily be replicated so we can easily open additional locations. Commonly used for retail stores in Ghana, the shipping container provides a low-cost, modern space. In addition to the décor, the café will be known for its modern spin on classic local cuisine at prices that are affordable for working professionals.



In April of 2017, Create Change began to convert a container into a café to sell high quality take-away meals to the public.  With extreme limitations of both skill set of trades people and a lack of access to materials, the café, both structure and interiors, was carefully designed by Project Manager Jesse Cathcart, who is currently enrolled as a Masters student in Emily Carr University's Design program. 

The goal was to create a design that could easily replicated and placed anywhere, ready to open up and function immediately.  In creating the café, special attention was paid to the materials that are available in Northern Ghana and to the limitations of the tradespeople who live there. Built from a container, the café design is simple to replicate, offering the potential for multiple locations.  Designed to be both modern and minimalist, the café will include both Ghanaian stylistic elements and images of Create Change's work empowering girls to promote the concept of social enterprise.  See below the results of our container café and culinary training school.  

Early rendering of the container café.

Early rendering of the container café.



The design company launched its training school in September, 2017 with 12 culinary trainees.  Café products will be available for the Tamale market as soon as the social enterprise opens to the public early in 2018.  





12 high school graduates will be trained to operate the café, including training in cooking, food safety, customer service, and management. Girls will learn all aspects of running a café so they are equipped to pursue a career in food services.


The café is expected to net a profit within one year of operation. With the opportunity for the café to expand to include multiple locations, there is the potential for the café to support marginalized girls to continue their education every year. 



With little knowledge of nutrition, the café has the opportunity to educate the public on the importance of a well balanced diet. The café will also teach people about the concept of social enterprise, and the positive effect it can have in society.



Do you have experience in culinary arts and want empower girls in Ghana to become amazing chefs and experienced entrepreneurs?  Then consider volunteering with our team in Vancouver, Canada, or with our operation in Northern Ghana.