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Our programs in Ghana are designed to create strong, independent girls and women who seek to lead change in their own lives, in the lives of their families, and in their communities.

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we educate

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we educate

Rural Literacy Program

Our work starts at the primary school level, in schools in rural areas where less than 25% of children can read and write for their grade level.  Led by girls who have come from poverty, our literacy programs ensure children in remote areas get the educational foundation they need to stay in school.


we mentor

High School Leadership Program

Imagine no one had ever asked you what you thought, how you felt, or what you wanted.  Our High School Leadership program is designed to empower girls in high school to develop confidence, a solid plan, and leadership skills so they can achieve their dreams.  We work with over 300 girls living in poverty annually to help them become successful leaders for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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they lead

Work Experience Program

Our work experience program provides dozens of high school graduates every year with the opportunity to gain experience leading change in a professional setting, both in the office and the field.  Throughout their two year work experience program, girls earn a monthly stipend, as well as educational savings so they can afford a four year university degree.

want to support?

If you are interested in supporting girls in Ghana to become leaders of change, consider getting involved with our Canadian youth programs, or make a donation and create real change today.

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