Made possible by Lisa Mazzotta, Michael O'Brian and
Schuman Daltrop Basran & Robin.


Imagine a daycare that provided working mothers, both poor and well-off, with the opportunity to leave their children in a positive learning environment. The proposed daycare will offer just this. Daycare tuition paid for by middle class working parents in urban areas will provide funding for literacy, numeracy and early childhood education programs in deprived rural communities. An equal standard of education will be applied to all, as our graduates who receive teaching training will work on rotation between the daycare and rural communities. With a growing educated middle class, appreciation of the importance of early childhood education has steadily grown in Tamale.

Today it is important for working parents to ensure their children are in a stimulating learning environment. A growing middle class also means more educated women who are taking part in the workforce. More working women coupled with an new attitude towards early childhood education has led to a big demand for quality daycares in Tamale.



Create Change is aiming to start a daycare that will provide quality education for dozens of toddlers in Tamale. The daycare will employ young high school graduates who are interested in pursuing early childhood education and can benefit from the training and experience. The profits earned from this business will be used to support rural education programs, so children from disadvantaged communities will also have the equal opportunity to be taught by Create Change graduates with the same methods.



Like anywhere else in the world, parents want the best for their children and are willing to pay for it. The proposed daycare plans to capitalize on the middle class and their growing demand for a contemporary daycare that offers progressive learning. The quality of public education has dramatically declined in Ghana over the years. Many blame this decline on the fact that primary school fees were abolished in Ghana, since most middle class families used the money they saved from eliminated school fees in the public system to put their children into private schools.

As poor families live in survival mode (spending each day trying to secure food and water), they do not have the opportunity to involve themselves in their children's education,and are often illiterate themselves. It is the lack of participation of middle class families in the public education system that is in part to blame for the massive decline in the quality of education in public schools. The difference in quality of education between classes is only widening the economic divide.

The daycare will stand out amongst the competition, as it will have an interior design and play equipment that is far superior to anything else offered in Tamale. It will adopt progressive methods, ensuring each and every child who attends feels welcomed and loved. The daycare will offer an environment that is sensitive to children's emotional needs with space for creativity and free-flowing play choices. It will also lead special activities to help with children's development and promote kindness , understanding and respect.



The daycare is planning to launch in September, 2017 with 12 daycare trainees.  Throughout July and August the daycare will be accepting sign ups so it is full for its September launch.  Stay tuned for more updates!




The daycare is expected to yield enough profit to support several hundred children with innovative rural education programs every year. Hundreds of children will move on to higher education every year because of the daycare's profit.



The daycare will introduce many progressive methods of early childhood development, paying close attention to both children's physical and emotional health. We hope to raise the bar and inspire other daycares and preschools.


12 high school graduates will be trained in early childhood development, as part of a two year program. They will spend part of their time working in the daycare, and part time working in rural areas supporting children to develop.



Do you have experience in early childhood education or child care, and want empower girls in Ghana to be able to help children to develop with the care, attending and learning that they need?  Than consider volunteering with us, either with our team in Vancouver, Canada, or with our operation in Northern Ghana.