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While teenagers these days are often thought of as lazy, spoiled, and entitled, students that join Create Change Foundation’s High School Marketing Leadership Program are anything but.  Students from schools across Vancouver’s lower mainland signed up for the program because of a desire to learn about marketing, and how to use marketing to create social good in the world, as well as to take a stand for girls in Ghana who will not get the chance to attend high school without external financial support. 

We are so proud of the 95 Vancouver high school students who took part in 2016 Create Change's Marketing Leadership Program.  From January to May, students met with Create Change every Friday night to learn about marketing and leadership from some of Vancouver's leading professionals.  Equipped with marketing and fundraising skills, these students spent hours working on fundraising initiatives in order to send girls their own age in Ghana to high school.  The result of their fantastic efforts:  

Over 100 girls in Ghana will have the chance to attend high school this coming fall.