We are currently looking for support to help us to purchase a number of pieces of equipment to expand our social enterprise scope in Ghana.  Please find below a number of unique items you can donate towards, or sponsor completely.  A tax receipt will be provided for all donations made in Canada.


THE JUICER - $1,000

Create Change is looking to purchase a small commercial juicer.  A juicer would be a supportive element to the bakery, offering fresh juices from the many fruits available including mango, papaya, pineapple and orange, in addition to providing an opportunity to blend smoothies , all to compliment our bakery operation.



DEEP FRYER - $2,000

Create Change is looking to purchase a single basket deep fryer.  Instead of cooking over an open pot of oil, the deep fryer will support the café enterprise, providing a safe, sanitary and consistent way of frying several things on the café menu including fried chicken and fried yam, both popular Ghanaian foods.   


Display fridge.png


Create Change is looking to purchase a cake display fridge.  To support our bakery operation, we intended to purchase a display fridge however we could not locate one anywhere in the country.  We would thus import a display fridge from abroad in order to display our baked goods to the public in a pleasing manner.



FARM LAND - $5,000

Create Change is looking to purchase a piece of farm land to support the poultry farm.  Due to a change in the political climate about land ownership, we were unable to get land donated for the poultry farm as previously expected.  We are thus seeking a donation to support the purchase of a 0.7 acre plot of land (28,000 sq ft). 




Create Change is looking to purchase a motorcycle food cart.  The motorcycle food cart will provide an opportunity to sell the popular ‘egg & bread’ sandwich during mornings before work and as a late night snack..  Eggs will come from  the poultry farm and bread will come from the bakery.  The motorcycle food cart can also act as a distribution point for other baked goods from the café and even take away food from the café.  




Consider making a donation to help us grow our social enterprise initiatives, in an effort to become a charity that is 100% self-sufficient.  All donations are eligible for a Canadian tax receipt.