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A Unique Volunteer Experience

An exclusive volunteer program for Canadian youth

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Are you looking for a meaningful opportunity to acquire official volunteer hours?

Do you want leadership and volunteer experience so you can stand out on your CV, university, and scholarship applications?


Do you feel like there is a leader inside you waiting for the opportunity to show itself?  

Are you interested in learning effective marketing techniques that can be applied to any business?  

Do you want to change the lives of girls your own age while you become a more powerful version of yourself?

Have you been looking for a way to get involved in something meaningful?


What if there was a volunteer opportunity...

With a flexible time commitment

so you can invest just a few weeks, or a few months depending on your interest.

That you can do from your smartphone

including workshops, social events, and even fundraising initiatives.

Where you can design your schedule

to ensure you can succeed regardless of how busy your schedule is. 

That offers a wonderful social opportunity

as you can meet like-minded youth from across the country, growing your networks and social circle.

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You can have an impact in a matter of weeks.

You can make a meaningful impact while obtaining official volunteer experience. 


Experience that will have a profound impact on girls your age living in poverty.

You have the potential to become a leader in just a few short weeks, regardless of your age or experience.

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Social Change Program

The Social Change Program gives you the tools you need to make an impact. It’s not like other programs where you “discuss the issues” — it’s a proven framework for making an impact.


The program is designed to grow your confidence and build your skills, so you’ll go on a personal empowerment journey where you become the person you know you can be. 


You’ll learn from a real-world change-maker who ACTUALLY walked the walk. And you’ll meet other young aspiring changemakers across Canada.


(And yes — you CAN do this even if you’re crazy-busy. It’s designed to fit your life.)

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a program with a flexible structure

Students can choose to participate in one, two or three modules. Please be advised that students must complete the previous module to be eligible to proceed to the next module.  

Please note: Module 1, 2, 3 can all provide official volunteer hours.


Introduction to Social Change

3 classes



Module fundraising goal: $500


5 - 15 volunteer hours

Upcoming dates:
FALL, Tuesdays
4:30 - 6:30 Pacific Time
November, 2022


Social Change Leadership

6 classes


Module 1

Module fundraising goal: $1,500

Leadership Certificate

10 - 50 volunteer hours

Upcoming dates
WINTER, Tuesdays
4:30 - 6:30 Pacific Time
February 2023


 Social Change Accelerator

10 classes + 6 group coaching sessions

Prerequisite: Introduction, 
 Module 1 + Module 2

Module fundraising goal: $3,000

Social Change Diploma

100+ volunteer hours

Upcoming dates:

July 2023

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Connect with young people from across the country.

This is an opportunity to meet like-minded young people from across the country through our private online community hosted on a free app. 

Exchange feedback, gain encouragement, and learn about what young people are doing all over the world to make a positive change. No one is better equipped to cheer you on, provide advice, and relate to the ups and downs of trying to create social change than other students your own age who are going through exactly the same challenges.


what past students are saying


“Before working with Shannen, I didn't know I could really grow my leadership skills — but before I knew it, my team had 20+ members!"

Ciana D.


“Because of working with Shannen, with no previous experience, I raised $2000 in six weeks. And I became a more confident speaker after leading team meetings. Being in the spotlight was nerve-wracking, but I eventually became comfortable. I’m incredibly proud of myself!"

Urub M.


“This program is about helping you get better so you can help others. The impact of this program affects so many parts of your life. Shannen and this program are one of the main reasons I have been able to reach my goals and become someone I am so proud of."

Tahlia C.


“My favourite part of the program was getting to know my fellow change makers. I felt empowered and motivated by these amazing people, and it gave me so much hope!”

Amreet G.

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program details

Weekly Class

Participants must attend a weekly 2 hour webinar/ conference call where instruction takes place.  

Lecture Portion

The first half of online class time is dedicated to a lecture and group discussion.

Interactive Portion

The second half of the online class time is dedicated to demonstration, practice, supervision and feedback.

Team Meetings

In Module 2 students will build teams, after which they will need to have weekly meetings together to plan.

Fundraising Initiatives

Student teams will design and implement initiatives that work with their time availability and schedule.

Group Coaching

Participants who proceed onto module 2 will get to participate in group coaching to shift mindset.

Recorded Classes

Classes are recorded and available online so students can easily make up missed classes.

Flexible Modules

Students can choose to participate in 1, 2 or 3 modules of the program, and can decide after starting.

Rolling Basis

The program operates on a rolling basis, so you can participate in additional modules at a later date.



Hi, I'm Shannen.

As the Executive Director of Create Change Foundation, I’ve coached thousands of women in West Africa to become leaders of change. I’ve raised millions of dollars, and together, we’ve helped to improve the lives of 100,000+ people in extreme poverty. 


While I have a passion for international development, I'm equally excited about working with youth across Canada to make our work in Ghana possible.   It is so rewarding to empower a new generation of change leaders — namely, you!


You see, like you, my heart was called to help the world. But at first, I didn’t know how.


So I got a Bachelor’s Degree in International Development. And a Master’s Degree in Human Rights. 


Yet when it came time to enact real change — when I needed to raise millions of dollars to support my vision — I was on my own. 


The hardest lessons weren’t taught in school . . . and the real-world dynamics of social change were something I had to figure out — alone — like all young social-justice crusaders.


I’d like to change that.


I hope that the Social Change Program can multiply our collective impact . . . and that it helps to empower you to get started as a leader of social change. 

I'm truly excited to work with you!

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Just a few of the extras

Invitation to our Young Leaders Community

You’re not alone anymore!  Our Community gives you someone to talk to, people to bounce ideas off of, and a private app to connect with everyone direct from your phone.  

Monthly Live Q&A with Shannen

We host monthly live Q&A sessions giving you the real-deal support you need to answer all your questions as they come up and truly walk your path as a leader. You get access to these calls forever.

Video Pen Pal with Students in Ghana

As a bonus you will get regular updates of your impact, and you can take part in a video pen pal program with girls in Ghana who are benefitting from your efforts. 

When you enroll in the Social Change Program, you’ll also get exclusive access to these powerful bonuses:


Still have questions?

Take a look at our FAQs here to find your answers!

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Start having an impact.

You have a choice. You can register for this life-changing program . . . or you can forget you ever read this page and go back to your day-to-day life. 


What will you choose? Will you become a powerful, confident force for good?


If you’ve read this far, you have what it takes to succeed. And we have the resources you need to make it happen. All you need to do is register.


Next cohort launches November 8th.