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our mission

We are a Canadian registered charity on a mission to transform girls living in poverty into leaders of change. When you create a female leader, you not only change her life, but you are changing the lives of everyone who will be impacted by the change she leads.

our values


Capacity building 

over handouts

We believe we can have a sustainable impact if we invest our funds into capacity building, so that girls learn to support themselves rather than relying on external support.  Better to teach a girl to fish than to give her a fish.

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Led by girls and
young women

We hire girls and young women as volunteers and paid staff, allowing us to keep our operating costs very low.  We create opportunities for girls and young women to gain skills and experience whenever possible.

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Our goal is impact

not action

We judge our work by the impact that our work has on people living in poverty, not by the actions that we take.  If we hold literacy classes but don't see an increase in literacy rates, then we haven’t achieved our goal.

why northern ghana?

50% of people are living in poverty

The majority of the population in Northern Ghana are subsistence farmers, living off the land.  With only one rainy season per year, the region experiences severe water shortages and food security is a major issue. 

Gender equality is pervasive

Gender inequality drives economic inequality in Ghana, where women’s unequal position in society means that they have less power, money, land, as well as less access to education, healthcare and political spaces.  

Ghana is a stable democracy

Ghana has a peaceful history relative to the rest of West Africa, a relatively easy culture to work with, limited bureaucracy, a basic functioning infrastructure,  making it an ideal environment to create positive change.

our team

Get to know our fantastic team, located both in Canada and in Ghana.

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