our model


Step 1

we create young leaders in the developed world

Our work begins with transforming youth in the developed world into leaders of change, who support our programs in Ghana.


Step 2

we transform girls into leaders in Ghana

Our programs in Ghana transform Ghanaian girls and young women into leaders of change, who lead change for people in their communities.


Step 3

change is created for people living in poverty

Girls lead their communities out of poverty by supporting them to gain access to quality education, health, and employment opportunities.

why girls

Regardless of nationality, race, income bracket or education level, women are leaders when it comes to giving back to theri communities.  Globally, girls and women spend 90% of their earned income on their families, while men spend only 30 to 40%.


In fact, according to the FAO, if female farmers had access to the same resources as men, the world would have 150 million fewer hungry people.  


When we invest in girls and women, to provide them with education and skills, to believe in themselves, to have confidence, and to provide them with opportunities to lead, we are investing in all of us.


our model

our approch


We support girls so they can access quality education, and offer programs that help them build practical skills that increase their employability.  


Our programs teach girls to think for themselves, building their confidence as they connect with their values and vision for the future.  


We provide girls and young women with the opportunity to experience lead programs that create change for themselves, and for others.


our programs

Read about our transformational programs that empower girls in Ghana and around the world to become powerful leaders of change.